Abide Reading Plan

Pick your Abide Reading Plan pace by selecting which track you want to take.

Track 1: Read two chapters a day, five days a week, reading through the New Testament three times.
Track 2: Read three chapters a day, five days a week, completing Track 1 + Proverbs and Psalms two times.
Track 3: Read five chapters a day, five days a week, completing Track 1, Track 2 + the entire Old Testament one time.

Combine the App Experience with your physical Bible by using the app to track your readings for the day along with your physical Abide Reading Plan bookmarks. Or, listen to the passage while you read for additional comprehension of the passage.

The Abide and Discipleship Toolbox include many different prompts and tips to get more out of your time with the Lord and with one another including: Reflection and Journal Prompts, Prayer Prompts, How to Read the Bible Devotionally, How to Study the Bible, the Discipleship Meeting Guide and more.

App Features:

Pick your Bible reading track
ESV Bible
ESV Audio Bible
Check off your completed readings
Abide and Discipleship Toolbox

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